REFERENCES: ACADEMIC (click on index for link)

ACA01: Economics of retrofitting rainwater harvesting

ACA02: The role of the civil engineer in society

ACA03: SKINT Water Series

ACA04: Why is Germany 30 years ahead of Britain?

ACA05: Water Sensitive Road Design

ACA06: SWITCH Managing Water for the City of the Future

ACA07: Green Roads Manual v1.5

ACA08: Blue Green Dream presentation

ACA09: A Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters

ACA10: Bonn Water Declaration

ACA11: Blue Green Cities research project

ACA12: Intrinsic Value of the Natural Environment (direct link)

ACA13: It was good enough for the Victorians- We know it works

ACA14: Environmental science course

ACA15: Adapting Buildings and Cities for Climate Change - A 21st Century Survival Guide

ACA16: The Impact of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Installation on Surrounding Health and Safety

ACA17: Blue-Green Cities research consortium

ACA18: environment 360 - As Extreme Weather Increases, A Push for Advanced Forecasts

ACA19: UCL Institute of Health Equity - Natural solutions to tackling health inequalities

ACA20: Green roofs in Melbourne

ACA21: Green Infrastructure, Ecosystem Services, and Human Health

ACA22: System interactions of stormwater management using sustainable urban drainage systems and green infrastructure

ACA23: BlueGreenCities-Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits in Blue-Green Cities