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QUESTIONS IN PARLIAMENT (click link for details)

September 22nd 2015: Letter - Clarifying the direction for low-carbon policy

March 18th 2015: Open letter from Lord Berkeley 'Are OFWAT and CCW up to their jobs of protecting the interests of consumers?' - link to his blog (at bottom of letter)

December 12th 2014: Press release from Lord Berkeley 'Thames Tideway Tunnel no longer necessary – new data shows Thames already complies with EU Directive.'

December 11th 2014: Lord Berkeley's letter to Lord de Mauley, Minister of State DEFRA explaining that, following the release of dissolved oxygen data, the Tideway can now be regarded as satisfactory under the terms of the UWWTD making the Thames Tideway Tunnel redundant.

23rd April 2014: Lord Berkeley's letter to all MPs representing Thames Water customer. Reference document in letter is indexed as IND11 on the industry reference page.

24th March 2014: Blaiklock letter to Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles, MP and 17th April 2014 the response. Additional notes from author: It seems that, as a result of recent exchanges with OFWAT, they have not undertaken any independent assessment of the TTT cost-benefit, i.e. due diligence, relying on TW's and Defra's somewhat narrow, dated and flawed work. In addition, it seems that, even if TTT was built, it would be redundant within 10-15 years, given the governments introduction of SuDS Regulations under the Flood & Water Management Act (2010). Note from editor: This provides additional support for independent, transparent studies on combinations of measures, such as blue green infrastructure in combination with more traditional approaches.

19th January 2014: “Thames Tideway” letter from Lord Berkeley to Lord de Mauley requesting an independent study on combinations of measures which may result in a significantly cheaper and lower risk solution than the Thames Tideway Tunnel in satisfying ECJ judgement and other legislation.

October 24th 2013 (scroll down to 5pm): Lord Berkeley to ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the proposals for the Thames Tideway Tunnel. To see the video recording of the debate click here (starting point is 4:00 hours in - may not work on mobile phone - may need to install Silverlight following prompts).

July 24th 2013: Thames Tideway Tunnel

June 19th 2013: Baroness Hanham reply to Lord Berkeley on the Queen's Speech

May 13th 2013: Thames Tideway Tunnel

PQ 2130: Dates of Thames Tideway Tunnel cost-benefit calculations

PQ 2129: European Commission meeting notes on urban waste water treatment and "public participation in environmental decision-making".