Thames Blue Green Economy (TBGE)


TBGE is a broad alliance including academics, civil engineers, economists,  environmentalists,  health practitioners, journalists, lawyers, politicians and scientists, all who are working together, to achieve the most cost effective and sustainable solutions for London’s water-related environmental problems. 

Guided by the principles in the Rio Declaration 1992, the Aarhus Convention, the Future We Want Outcome Document 2012, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)and the Water Framework Directive, TBGE as a priority, seeks the implementation of integrated water resource management (IWRM) for the Thames River Basin.

IWRM is the only cost effective and sustainable solution for London that would enable it to adapt and to be made resilient in the face of an expanding population and climate change. IWRM, as shown elsewhere, would result in enormous benefits for the whole environment, human physical and mental health, and would create thousands of local jobs. IWRM would also help the transformation to the Green Economy, an essential part of sustainable development and achieve compliance with the SDGs and the Water Framework Directive


27th August 2015: Environmental, Social and Financial Benefits of Urban Integrated Water Resource Management in London - includes audio and presentations.


11th June 2015: Mega Tax on Redundant Tunnel. New Thames Water 'tax' to hit 15 million customers to pay for redundant tunnel.

18th June 2015: Questions around secrecy over funding for £4.2BN Thames Tideway Tunnel. New Thames Water 'tax' to hit 15 million customers to pay for redundant tunnel.

25th June 2015: Environmental issues dismissed in UK - Whereas laws are changing in Holland to force the government to address climate change properly.

10th July 2015: EU-blacklisted tax haven used by TW to rack up huge debts so Customers pay for useless Tunnel

6th May 2016: Campaign group slams Thames Water tunnel calls on government and company to abandon "useless" project

14th November 2016: London super-sewer is waste of £4bn, says assessor


6th May 2016: Critics once again question case for Tideway Tunnel

25th May 2016: Britain's largest water company runs up £250m black hole in pension pot while foreign owners pocketed almost £2bn in dividends

Autumn 2016: Association of Project Management letter - Meeting our professional obligations

29th August 2016: Investigation into safety of London's £4bn super sewer

29th August 2016: Financial Times - London's £4bn super sewer faces probe over funding

4th January 2017: Evening Standard - Supersewer could add £90 to bills, warn MPs


Prof Chris Binnie: Thames Tideway Tunnel is not necessary to meet UK or EU water standards

Integrated water resource management

15th November 2015 Professor Binnie's latest findings on incorrect data concerning CSO overflows and why this needs to be revisited

6th May 2016 The case against the Thames Tideway Tunnel & in favour of Integrated Water Resource Management for the Thames Tideway

25th June 2016 Technologies available for addressing remaining storm water overflow pollution impacts

29th August 2016 OPM letter to National Audit Office (NAO)

Investigation into assurance arrangements over the Thames Tideway Tunnel

29th October 2016: National Audit Office letter - The case against the Thames Tideway Tunnel & in favour of Integrated Water Resource Management for the Thames Tideway


Construction News: Race for Thames Tideway Tunnel IP extended

Defra refuses Tideway Tunnel funding FOI request – disclosure “would damage Thames Water’s and Defra’s commercial interests”

Thames Tideway Tunnel, UK Government "Pre-Funded Risk Reserve"

Lack of local control means we are paying a high price

TBGE asks the EFRA Committee to hold an Urgent Inquiry into the need for the TTT

Letter dated 15.11.2015 to MInister from Lord Berkeley re incorrect data of CSO overflows


8th June 2015: Lord Berkeley to DEFRA

16th June 2015: Response by Prof Chris Binnie to Rory Stewart MP's letter to Lord Berkeley

24th June 2015: Lord Gardiner of Kimble (DEFRA) written answer to Lord Berkeley

7th July 2015: Lord berkeley's response to Rory Stewart MP's letter

16th July 2015: Lord Berkeley's letter to Matthew Hancock MP - Minister for Cabinet Office

6th June 2016 Lord Berkeley's letter to Nicky Gavron

29th July 2016: Lord Berkeley's letter to Prime Minister

6th Sept 2016 Lord Berkeley's speech to All Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure


Last updated 4th January 2017