The Blue Green Economy (TBGE)


TBGE is a broad alliance including academics, civil engineers, economists,  environmentalists,  health practitioners, journalists, lawyers, politicians and scientists, all who are working together, to achieve the most cost effective and sustainable solutions for the UK’s water-related environmental problems. 

Guided by the principles in the Rio Declaration 1992, the Aarhus Convention, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)and the Water Framework Directive, TBGE as a priority, seeks the implementation of integrated water resource management (IWRM) for the UK.

IWRM is the only cost effective and sustainable solution for London and the UK river basins that would enable it to adapt and to be made resilient in the face of an expanding population and climate change. IWRM with blue green technologies, as shown elsewhere, would result in enormous benefits for the whole environment, human physical and mental health, and would create thousands of local jobs. IWRM would also help the transformation to the Green Economy, an essential part of sustainable development and achieve compliance with the SDGs and the Water Framework Directive.


21st March 2021: TBGE support for development of Local Plans - Wandsworth Local Plan and associated Wandle Delta Masterplan SDP

8th September 2020: DEFRA response to our letter before action

27th August 2020: TBGE Response to EFRA Committee Consultation on the Government's Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management Policy Statement

18th August 2020: Letter Before Action for The Rt Hon George Eustice MP

6th March 2019: Thames Blue Green Economy (TBGE) Submission to the EFRA Select Committee on the NPS for Water Resources

13th November 2018: Letter to Rt Hon Michael Gove MP (DEFRA Minister) about Draft NPS Water Resources

20th December 2017: NPS Water Resources Consultation Response

Supporting documents to letters:

FT Article on Questionable Thames Water Ltd Finances

Integrated water resource management / Blue Green Infrastructure would save £36 billion if implemented in London

John Duder's 2017 Assessment of the Pollution in the Upper Thames

Prof Ashley's Rebuttal Statement Regarding Use of Putney's SuDS Report by Thames Water Ltd


6th May 2016 The case against the Thames Tideway Tunnel & in favour of Integrated Water Resource Management for the Thames Tideway

25th June 2016 Technologies available for addressing remaining storm water overflow pollution impacts


6th June 2016 Lord Berkeley's letter to Nicky Gavron

29th July 2016: Lord Berkeley's letter to Prime Minister

6th Sept 2016 Lord Berkeley's speech to All Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure

17th Nov 2017: Lord Gardiner of Kimble's answer to Question


Last updated 21st March 2021