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The Blue Green Economy is working towards the implementation of a project in London to demonstrate IWRM+BGT. It is hoped that Ofwat will support the proposal via their Innovation Fund process.

There are no IWRM+BGT examples in the UK.  IWRM+BGT is best global practice for sustainable water & land management. It is not understood nor pursued as a key part of the solution to our climate and ecological emergencies by the water companies, local authorities and Government.

Importantly, IWRM + BGT is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) which all countries have agreed to achieve by 2030. The implementation of IWRM+BGT is key to achieiving the SDGs by 2030. See link below - SDG 6, 15 and their targets in particular. 

TBGE hopes that three London Boroughs will participate in our IWRM + BGT local scale pilot proposal to demonstrate its holistic ethos. Currently, we are in communication with Wandsworth BC about this initiative and we are aiming to convene a meeting with them shortly.

A good example of  IWRM+BGT is demonstrated by the USA city of Philadelphia’s approach to storm water management - see links below.

Our feedback on the consultation for Wandsworth BC Local Plan in support of them meeting their ambitious objectives can be seen here.

Our feedback on the consultation for the connected Wandle Delta Masterplan SDP in support of them meeting their ambitious objectives can be seen here.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Philadelphia - Green City, Clean waters

Philadelphia - The economic impact of Green City, Clean Waters

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Last updated 21st March 2021