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Environmental issues dismissed in UK - Whereas laws are changing in Holland [1] to force the government to address climate change properly.

Supported by the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF), the two Judicial Reviews challenging the Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) were dismissed this week. But the fight for the battle for access to environmental justice will continue.

Emma Montlake of the Environmental Law Foundation says the following: “ELF is disappointed that the judge did not grapple with the key arguments. The Planning Act 2008 is yet another example of a piece of UK legislation which is making it more difficult for people to enforce environmental law and to access legal justice”.

Despite this setback, the individuals and groups concerned have been advised that they have strong grounds for taking this matter to Europe and it is now in legal hands.

Graham Stevens, for Blue Green London Plan, one the appellants says “The TTT is a 19th Century solution to a 21st Century problem. The TTT will aggravate climate change & London’s other serious environmental problems, and it will be a lost opportunity to use rainwater as a valuable resource rather than pouring it down a £4.2bn., 25 km concrete sewer”.

“Shock will follow, when Thames water users wake up to how much money they will have to pay annually for at least 120 years, for a project which is already obsolete following recent major sewerage upgrades” said Emily Shirley, spokesperson for Thames Blue Green Economy, “It will be even more of a shock for the general British Tax payer in Scotland and elsewhere that they will be paying for a London project with unknown contingent liability, rather than for the provision of schools and hospitals.

This is because the government has agreed in principle to underwrite contingent liabilities for the sewer, when the future UK budgets and the TTT project risks are unknown” .

Under the reality of climate change it is irresponsible of the UK Government not to listen to independent experts & by making access to environmental justice practically impossible.


For further information – LEGAL & ENVIRONMENT :
- Emily Shirley, Thames Blue Green Economy – mobile: 07753 779074
- Graham Stevens, Blue Green London Plan – mobile : 07881 646720

1. This is will reference to the successful Dutch Urgenda judgment handed down on 24th June 2015. The
Court ruled that the Government had to reduce carbon emissions by 25% within 5 years.

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