REFERENCES: GROUPS (click on index for link)

GRO01: BGIET's Draft Water Strategy

GRO02: BGIET's example systems models

GRO03: Clean Thames Now and Always

GRO04: Blue-Green Building

GRO05: CIRIA's susdrain

GRO06: CIRIA's SuDS Manual

GRO07: CIRIA's Water Sensitive Urban Design (click here for animation)

GRO08: Clean Air In London

GRO09: Thamesbank's note on Water Framework Directive

GRO10: BGIET presentation to DEFRA

GRO11: BGIET presentation to DEFRA supporting text

GRO12: Blue & Green Tomorrow

GRO13: RSA & WWF 'Dealing with the deluge - Urban water management in a changing climate

GRO14: Save Your Riverside press articles

GRO15: 100 resilient cities

GRO16: International Union for the Conservation of Nature

GRO17: UK Green Building Council - Demistifying Green Infrastructure

GRO18: Water Alternatives- Water Scarcity in England and Wales as a Failure of (meta)Governance

GRO19: Natural Resources Defence Council - The Green Edge: How Commercial Property Investment in Green Infrastructure Creates Value

GRO20: Carbon Disclosure Project - Protecting Our Capital: How climate adaptation in cities creates a resilient place for business

GRO21: Alliance for Community Trees - More Benefits of Green vs. Gray Stormwater Infrastructure

GRO22: Natural Capital Committee - The state of natural capital report

GRO23: Castle Debates

GRO24: Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe - Urban Agenda and Urban Sustainability Strategies

GRO25: - Science underpins new development goals

GRO26: Committee on Climate Change - The scientific and international context for the fifth carbon budget

GRO27: Expertise - Green resources

GRO28: Apollo-Gaia Project - Climate Dynamics. Facing the Harsh Realities of Now

GRO29: 2030 Water Resources Group - A catalogue of good practices in water use efficiency

GRO30: C40 Cities - Potential for climate action

GRO31: Natural Resources Wales - Flood and coastal erosion risk management in Wales, 2011-2014

GRO32: arcc Green infrastructure: building service design challenge