REFERENCES: INDUSTRY (click on index for link)

IND01: Binnie - Measures to protect the river environment (Revision 7 - Version 31st March 2014 - latest amendments are in red). Extra material includes resilience of future conditions and EA record on fish kills. [Annex 2 in PPL05]

IND02: SUDS Guide

IND03: Lloyd's risk assessment of extreme rainfall in East London

IND04: Binnie - Thames Tideway Tunnel - Cost and benefits analysis (Revision 4 - Version 11th February 2014). Includes evidence that there is no valid CBA submitted to the Inspectorate Panel in support of the Development Consent Application and details on how DEFRAs declared benefit of almost £4000million should actually be £180million and could well be appreciably lower. [Annex 6 in PPL05]

IND05: Sustainability White Paper

IND06: Climate Action in Megacities

IND07: Changing course - Delivering a sustainable future for the water industry in England and Wales

IND08: Ecosystems Markets Task Force

IND09: Binnie - Aspects of fish benefit report

IND10: Binnie - TTT presentation

IND11: Binnie - Alternatives to the Tunnel: A strategic plan [Version 9th April 2014 - supported by Sir Ian Byatt, Lord Berkeley and Martin Blaiklock]

IND12: Arup Cites Alive

IND13: Binnie - Review of Tideway spills and environmental impact

IND14: Binnie - Thames Tideway: Review of tideway spills and their environmental impact (updated version February 12th 2015)

IND15: Binnie - Thames Tideway, Current need for the tunnel      

IND16: Welsh Water - Our sustainable future