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Mar 2016: Would Brexit mean the end of green targets?

Mar 2016: London needs integrated water management strategy, says report

Feb 2016: Evidence emerging of the Government’s desire to block science it doesn’t like

Feb 2016: Royal visit for Welsh Water's RainScape scheme

Feb 2016: Newcastle commits to Blue-Green Infrastructure plan

Dec 2015: Thames sewage: UK faces up to prospect of multimillion-pound EU fines

Dec 2015: COP21: World leaders agree legally-binding climate deal in Paris

Dec 2015: UK has 'lost world climate leadership role' by axing domestic green policies

Nov 2015: Blue Green Dream scoops 1st prize at the BusinessGreen Technology Awards!

Oct 2015: Copenhagen fights flooding with flooding

Oct 2015: Green building sector outpacing overall construction growth

Oct 2015: Water companies pocket £800m windfall, NAO finds

Sep 2015: Horizon 2020 - 2016-17 work programmes include water and blue-green infrastructure

Aug 2015: Cardiff researchers in project to make cities 'greener'

Aug 2015: River Thames now fit for porpoise, says wildlife study

Jul 2015: ECJ ruling clarifies “deterioration” under Water Frame-work Directive

Jul 2015: London economy vulnerable to climate change, assembly report finds

Jul 2015: How and where did UK lose city-sized area of green space in just six years?

Jul 2015: Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change

Jun 2015: MMSD awards grants for green infrastructure projects

Jun 2015: Do Green Spaces In Cities Help Close "Well-Being Gaps" Between Rich And Poor?

Jun 2015: Netherlands ordered to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Jun 2015: A new kind of water infrastructure begins to permeate Detroit

Jun 2015: Pope Francis blames 'human selfishness' for global warming

Jun 2015: Interview: CCWater chair Alan Lovell chats to Utility Week

Jun 2015: Green spaces improve schoolchildren's mental development, study finds

Jun 2015: Urban commons have radical potential – it's not just about community gardens

May 2015: Growth at all costs: climate change, fossil fuel subsidies and the Treasury

May 2015: Simple projects deliver the best results

Apr 2015: Air pollution may cause more UK deaths than previously thought, say scientists

Apr 2015: UK Infrastructure: A lost cause? Maybe not

Mar 2015: Environment - Commission refers the United Kingdom to Court over poor waste water collection and treatment

Mar 2015: France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

Feb 2015: Global warming is causing more extreme storms

Feb 2015: South West takes first steps in Water Sensitive Urban Design

Feb 2015: Green infrastructure: from encouraging examples to a joined-up approach?

Feb 2015: Water bills fall but Thames customers will pay extra for ‘super sewer

Jan 2015: New data shows Thames meet EU directive. So is Tideway Tunnel still needed?

Jan 2015: David Attenborough - Leaders are in denial about climate change

Dec 2014: The 2015 climate change target - 192 nations, two weeks of negotiations and one world to save

Dec 2014: Biodiversity - life - a status report

Dec 2014: Thames Water unbowed by fresh super-sewer claims

Dec 2014: PRESS RELEASE Analysis of metrics obtained from the Environment Agency under Freedom of Information Request reveals the Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) is redundant (linked report IND14)

Dec 2014: Water bills to smash £400 a year barrier despite regulator taking action

Nov 2014: Planned London super sewer branded waste of time and taxpayer money then TTTs response to today's Guardian article

Nov 2014: Water remunicipalisation as a global trend

Nov 2014: New York plants curbside gardens to soak up storm-water runoff

Nov 2014: Hamburg at forefront of global drive to reverse privatisation of city services

Nov 2014: Cornish innovators offer London sewage solution

Oct 2014: "Significant weakening' of plans to manage flood risk from new development

Oct 2014: London's sewer crisis: why the supersewer is a big, expensive answer to a simple problem

Sep 2014: Government accused of approving London’s controversial £4.2 billion super-sewer without following 'correct legal process'

Sep 2014: 'Super sewer' in London and south-east could add £80 to water bills

Sep 2014: London's 'super sewer' gets the go ahead

Aug 2014: LBC discussion with Larry Lamb on TTT Part 1 : Part 2 (

Jul 2014: 4 ways to take green cities to the next level

Jul 2014: Soaking the customer - Thames Water's £4 billion sewage money grab

Mar 2014: FT - Thames Water's high stakes project is poor value

Feb 2014: Private Eye - Money Down the Drain

Feb 2014: Heat related deaths will rise 257% by 2050 because of climate change

Feb 2014: Flat roofs may be the answer to managing urban floods

Feb 2014: The Government needs to call in the flood experts

Feb 2014: Air pollution - European commission launches legal action against the UK

Feb 2014: What Britain has to do if it doesn't want to live with floods (no, it's not dredging)

Feb 2014: Private Eye - Thames Water's great drain robbery

Nov 2013: Cameron orders examination on how to force water companies to cut bills

Oct 2013: Ministers challenged on validity of Govt decision on Thames supersewer

Oct 2013: Sir Ian Byatt supports Thamesbank and Environmental Law Foundation request to review the National Policy Statement for Waste Water

Oct 2013: Bloomberg - Thames Sewer Plan May Be Triple Industry Average Permission being sought to place White Paper here

Sept 2013: London super sewer 'should be scrapped in favour of cheaper projects'

Sept 2013: Ofwat challenges Thames Water's push to increase bills by 8%

July 2013: Average household water bill to rise by 3.5pc to £388 a year

July 2013: Water companies told to stop siphoning off cash to foreign owners

July 2013: Droughts could hit food production in England in 2020s

July 2013: London "greenest city" in Europe

July 2013: Scientists attribute extreme weather to man-made climate change

June 2013: London 2062: Green v Concrete Infrastructure

June 2013: Philadelphia water management: from grey to green infrastructure [click here for Guardian article response]

June 2013: City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County ditch tunnel plans for alternatives

June 2013: Thames Water wants to raise average bill by £100 before 2020

May 2013: Greater London SuDS Debate [click here for short version of Blue Green dream presentation]

Mar 2013: ITN News Report - London's Super Sewer is Wrong Solution

Mar 2013: Court reserves UK air quality ruling

Mar 2013: The case for a need for an independent enquiry on Blue Green solutions for London

Mar 2013: Department of Environmental Protection Completes Installation of Green Infrastructure in East New York That Will Improve Water Quality in Fresh Creek and Jamaica Bay

Mar 2013: Mayor details new goal in Seattle’s stormwater management

Dec 2012: Expert casts doubt on Thames Water super sewer plan

Dec 2012: Thames Water under further pressure to rethink supersewer plans

Mar 2009: Away with the grey