PPL01: If the White House can move towards Blue-Greening (labelled green infrastructure in the US), what do we need to do and what barriers do we need to cross to achieve similar goals?

At the White House conference, “Municipal Stormwater Infrastructure: Going from Grey to Green,” key stakeholders from the federal, state, local, private, and nonprofit sectors were brought together to examine the benefits of wider implementation of green infrastructure, address municipal stormwater management needs, identify barriers, and evaluate options for practical action [CAS01].

In summary:

What does this specifically mean for the UK? Additional guidance is needed along the lines of that being given in the States - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Releases LID Barrier Busters Fact Sheets.

Lessons learnt from the current global successes and previous initiatives to understand what others are doing (e.g. 2006 DTI Report on sustainable drainage in the US) [CAS02, p97] need translating into a UK plan and solution. It seems the greatest barrier to the adoption of BG solutions in our cities, e.g. retrofitting of SUDS, is one of perceptions [CAS06, p25].

The BGIET have pulled together a Draft Water Strategy document to help this process [GRO01]. Also see the BGIET page on this site "BG Vision for London" and the EU Blueprint for safeguarding water resources [GAI04, p22].


More details needed on the UK barriers and then the opportunities and approaches needed to overcome them