PPL03: What are our water rights as individuals?

The Treaty on European Union (TEU) reinforces citizenship of the Union and enhances further the democratic functioning of the Union by providing, inter alia, that every citizen is to have the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union by way of a European citizens’ initiative. That procedure affords citizens the possibility of directly approaching the Commission with a request inviting it to submit a proposal for a legal act of the Union [GAI16].

There is now a mechanism to enable individual citizens to create European Law [GAI17]. A right to water initiative has been proposed under this regulation, the European Citizen's Initiative [click proposal here].


Blue Greening can provide a direct access to water and water services at the level of individual dwellings. With the impact of climate change on water stress becoming ever more apparent, Blue Green must be part of the debate to help support water rights for individuals and the potential risk of individual's water poverty.